Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[Tutorial] Cheat Engine Tutorial v3.1 STEP 9

Today im posting a video tutorial on how to do the new STEP 9 from Cheat Engine Tutorial v3.1
This video tutorial includes:
1- Normal explanation on usage of CE
2- How to Dissect Data/Structure
3- Some asm instruction related to what you find in point 2

Heres the video:

Things you gona need to be able to do it:
1-Cheat Engine 6.*
2- Cheat Engine Tutorial v3.1 (Released on this blog)
3- A few knowledge of cheat engine
4- A Brain, and some logic

If you have any doubt, just post a comment, i will try to help as much as time allow me to do it.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

[Release] Cheat Engine Tutorial (NEW)

Today i decided to compile the new tutorial from cheat engine and see whats have changed.
Aparently the only change and its a dam big one the all new STEP 9
including Code Dissect from memory to find structures.


Heres the download link:

ALL CREDITS GO TO DARKBYTE, i just compiled the exe.

P.S - Soon will post a tutorial on how to succesfully do this new STEP 9.